MDiv Curriculum Change Conversion Chart

Use the following chart to determine how your current courses map to the new curriculum requirements.

Spiritual & Personal Formation

Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum
MFM500 Discovering/Developing Ministry Potential 2 MF501 Intro Theological Study & Ministry Formation 2
  • Students who completed MFM500 are done
  • Students who have not completed MFM500 will take MF501
SFS501 Learning to Love God/Others 2 CS501 Loving God/Others 2
SFS502 Prayer & Spiritual Disciplines 2 CS502 Prayer/Spiritual Disciplines 2
SFS504 Ethical Maturity 2 ML506 Ministerial Ethics 2
  • Students who completed SFS504 are done

Biblical Interpretation

Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum
DBS506 Learning to interpret Scripture 4 BT501 Hermeneutics 2
BT502 Understanding Biblical Theology 2
  • Students who completed DBS506 are done
  • Students who have completed DBS506X take either BT501 (2 crs) or BT502 (2crs)
BLS501 Genesis – Song Solomon 4 BL501 Genesis – Song Solomon 4
BLS502 Prophets – Gospels 4 BL502 Prophets – Gospels 4
BLS503 Acts – Revelation 4 BL503 Acts – Revelation 4

Biblical Languages

Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum

NTS508/NT511 Greek Grammar 3

AND NTS509/NT512 Greek Reading/Syntax 3

NT521 Greek Grammar 3

AND NT522 Greek Grammar and Syntax 3

AND NT523 Greek Syntax and Reading 2

OTS508/OT511 Hebrew Grammar 3

AND OTS509/OT512 Hebrew Reading/Syntax 3

OT521 Hebrew Grammar 3

AND OT522 Hebrew Grammar and Reading Narrative Texts 3

AND OT523 Hebrew Syntax and Reading 2

NTS515/NT513 Exegesis 2

orOTS515/OT513 Exegesis 2

Exegesis elective recommended but no longer required
BLSxxx/BL5xx Elective for 501/502 students No longer required


Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum
THS501 Theology I 4 TH501 Theology I 4
THS502 Theology II 4 TH502 Theology II 4
THS503 Theology III 2 TH503 Theology III 4
Students complete at least 12 credits and cover content as follows:
  • Students who completed THS501-THS502-THS503 complete 2 credits of CBTS elective (TH, BL, BT, CH, NT, or OT)
  • Students who completed THS501 take TH502 (4crs) & TH503 (4crs) and review the Angelology materials online
  • Students who completed THS502 take TH501 (4crs) & TH503 (4crs) and review the Christology materials online
  • Students who completed THS503 take TH501 (4crs) & TH502 (4crs) and review the Soteriology materials online and complete 2 credits of CBTS elective
  • Students who completed THS501 & THS502 take TH503 (4crs)
  • Students who completed THS502 & THS503 take TH501 (4crs) and review the Angelology materials online and complete 2 credits of open electives
  • Students who completed THS501 & THS503 take TH502 (4crs) and review the Christology and Soteriology online materials and complete 2 credits of CBTS elective
THS508 Integration Theol/Ministry 2 TH504 Integrating Theol/Ministry 2
  • Students who completed THS508 are done
CHS505 Church History 4 CH501 Church History 4
Or CHS506 Insights Church History 2 Or CH502 Insights Church History 2

Ministry Studies

Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum
DIS501 Communicating Christ/Culture 2 ML504 Taking Gospel Diverse Cultures 2
  • Students who completed DIS501 are done
DMS501Theol of Ministry 2 ML501 Theol/Practice Ministry 2
DMS502 Theol/Pract Worship 2
  • Students who completed either DMS501 or DMS502 are done
DMS506 Developing Godly Leadership 2 ML502 Transformational Leadership 2
  • Students who completed DMS506 are done
EMS505 Growing Disciples 2 ML503 Nurturing Faithful Disciples 2
  • Students who completed EMS505 are done
PTS503 Evangelism/Apologetics 2 ML507 Responses Contemp Challenges 2
PTS504 Redemptive Influence 2
  • Students who completed either PTS503 or PTS504 are done
PTS507 Pastoral Counseling 2 ML505 Applied Pastoral Counseling 2
PTS508 Building Strong Families 2
  • Students who completed either PTS507 or PTS508 are done
PTS510 Preaching Expository Sermons 2 ML508 Preaching Gospel Centered Messages 2
  • Students who completed PTS510 are done

Mentored Ministry

Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum
MFM501-504 Mentored Ministry 4 MF531 Ministry Leadership 1
MF532 Ministry Leadership1
MF533-534 Ministry Leadership
  • Students who have completed two semesters of MFM501-502 may continue in MF533-534 and benefit from the intentional ministry leadership formation
  • Students who have not completed MFM501-502 will complete at least two semesters of MF531-532 (P/NP graded, $250 lab fee) and candidacy requirements


Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum
Open electives 12
Open electives
Or Specialization 8 + Open electives 4  

Total Credits

Past Curriculum2020–2021 Curriculum
90 credits (minimum) required 82 credits (minimum) required