First Steps: Videos and Login

Save Your Emails

If you have enrolled in a Global course, you will receive an email 10 days before the course starts with the information required to begin your semester. In the event you no longer have access to this email or its contents, here is a general overview of what you need to know as you begin the semester.

Login to Your Digital Learning Center

Login to the Digital Learning Center (DLC) for your course(s) by following the directions below:

Web Address:

Login: If you are already connected to Office 365 you already are in.  If not click on the Login link in the top right corner of the homepage.  At the login prompt, enter your...

Username: Your Western Seminary student email address

Password: Your office 365 password that you use for your Western Seminary email

Password Change:  This is done in the Office 365 system

Complete and Submit the First Week "Online Confirmation"

Federal regulations require that you complete and submit the "Online Confirmation" FOR EACH COURSE within the first week of your session. This is critical; it affirms your attendance at the beginning of the course. Failure to submit the form, in affect to attend class, may result in your being withdrawn from the course and could negatively impact your financial aid status.

Course Videos

 To do so simply:

  • If you course has required course videos, they will be on the DLC (Digital Learning Center) in your course.
  • The Integr@te system no longer serves Western Seminary as of Summer 2022 (the desktop app, web browser app, and mobile app have been discontinued).

RE: Download of vidoes

  • If you desire to download course videos to keep them for personal use, you may do this.   If you would like assistance with this please, contact Jon Raibley for more information

Take the Next Steps

Getting started right each semester recommends a consistent activity checklist to be completed by the end of the first week. Upon gaining access to your Digital Learning Centers:

  • First, download your course syllabus from the SYLLABUS link in your course navigation menu. Review the course requirements carefully as they may have changed from earlier posted versions.
  • Verify from your syllabus that you have ordered all required texts for your course. We provide active links to the website to help ensure that you order the correct edition of each text, but you are invited to order from the bookstore of your choice.
  • From the SCHEDULE AND PROGRESS link, review your course schedules to understand when during the semester each activity will be due.  Some Cohort and Online LIVE courses will not use this function.   This will help you visualize your learning obligations for all courses during the semester to ensure their full and timely completion and to reduce last-minute stress on you.
  • We encourage you to review the time assumptions for each assignment as described in the course syllabus. These estimates have been established by the instructor and will help you determine when considered alongside the amount of time you will set aside each week for your studies when you should begin working on each element of all your courses.

In Your First Week

  • By federal law, we must now ensure that students participate in classes for the full length of the session or semester. By the end of your first week, having downloaded and reviewed your syllabus, simply click on the Online Confirmation link of EACH COURSE in which you are enrolled to affirm that you understand all course requirements, and, if you do not, that you will initiate contact to your instructor to resolve concerns.
  • Complete all first-week assignments which may include posting to an introductory discussion forum.
  • Contact your instructor. At Western, online study does not mean that you study alone. You are encouraged to reach out to your instructor regularly; they are there to help you succeed as a Western Seminary student!
  • If you have questions about the Digital Learning Center or general distance education issues, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..