Christian Spirituality (CS)

CS501 – Introduction to Christian Spirituality.  At the center of Christian spirituality is Jesus and his gospel and our fellowship with our Triune God through him. This class seeks to elucidate the implications of a gospel-centered spirituality. The course focuses on union with Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, grace-based motivational structures, and a gospel-centered approach to change. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

CS502 – Practicing Christian Spirituality. Pray constantly. Let the Word dwell in you richly. God's Word has given God's people patterns of personal and corporate practices intended for fellowship with our Triune God and the building up of his people. This class will explore the theology and gospel-centered practice of spiritual disciples and Christian practices. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

CS570 – Select Topics in Christian Spirituality.  (special limited-time electives)