Christian Spirituality (CS)

CS501 – Loving God and Others. The theological and practical dynamics of evangelical spirituality will be examined to provide a solid foundation for rich fellowship with the Triune God and for living out of the Great Commandment. The nature of spiritual maturity will be examined (including a biblically-balanced model of priorities) and practical experiences for nurturing that maturity will be provided. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

CS502 – Growing in Prayer and Other Key Spiritual Disciplines. Growing more Christ-like in our attitudes and actions can be nurtured through the spiritual disciplines taught by Scripture and practiced by believers throughout the ages. You will learn, from an evangelical perspective, the contribution each activity can make to your spiritual growth and how to enhance your actual practice of these “holy habits.” Extended attention will be given to developing a biblical understanding and practice of prayer. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

CS570 – Select Topics in Christian Spirituality.  (special limited-time electives)