Pastoral Theology (PT)

PT502 – Theology and Practice of Worship. Lectures By: John Johnson, Ph.D. The biblical concept of worship and the appropriate utilization of music in its public forms. Identifies the conditions, qualities, and ingredients that most enhance the integrity and meaningfulness of public worship. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.  

PT503 – Maximizing the Church’s Redemptive Influence. Lectures By:  John Johnson, Ph.D. This course gives attention to the essential nature and vocation of the Church as God’s called people. Students are challenged to rethink the mission of the Church, moving beyond traditional assumptions, and relating the mission to a modern/post-modern context. Focus will be given to countering pluralism and the new paganism, determining a biblical strategy for accomplishing the mission, developing a social conscience, putting together a global approach to ministry, and creating the structures for achieving redemptive influence. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

DMS 506 – Developing Godly Leadership for the 21st Century. Lectures By: John Johnson, Ph.D. A core leadership course designed for those who intend to be future leaders for the church. This course will move from definitions to the cores values of a leader; how to take ministry through a vision process, engage in strategic planning, decision-making, and implementation, build great teams, work through conflict and change, delegate tasks, and effectively mentor the next generation of leaders. Models from the corporate, political, and military worlds will be compared and contrasted with the biblical definitions and illustrations of leadership. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.  

ICS 501 – The Chaplaincy. Lectures By: Dave Fredrickson, Ph.D. In this course students are introduced to and equipped for the mission field of chaplaincy ministry. A wide range of topics is covered, from possible areas of service to various expectations placed upon military, law enforcement, and institutional chaplains. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.  

PTS 503 – Practicing Evangelism & Apologetics. Lectures By: Gerry Breshears, Ph. D. & Steve Walker, D. Min. Strategies and programs for biblically based evangelism are explored in this course. You will develop your own skills in personal evangelism, as well as how to do evangelistic outreach through the local church. You will develop an ability to address questions about the truthfulness or believability of Christianity that often arise in evangelistic moments through a biblically based and personally relevant apologetic strategy. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.   

PTS 505 – Providing Effective Leadership in the Local Church. Lectures By: John Johnson, Ph.D. This course builds on the principles of DMS 506 and applies them to the local church. The aim is to prepare pastors to be the leaders God intends for His church. Specific issues treated include pastoral self-leadership; building a leadership team; creating a healthy staff -board relationship; leading a congregation through change, crises and conflict, and the dynamics that come with growth; effective management of resources, from volunteers to staff development to budgeting and expenditures; and leading the church into the future. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

PTS 506 – Providing Pastoral Care. Lectures By: John Johnson, Ph.D. This course will equip you to shepherd the church. A philosophy of pastoral care and the skills required for the practical application of this philosophy will be addressed. The role of the shepherd will be examined, as well as the spiritual foundations for pastoral care. The duties that come with shepherding will be taught, including the conducting of ordinances, weddings and funerals. The essentials of pastoral counseling, visitation, care to the dying, and congregational accountability will be covered. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.  

PT521 – Developing Strong Families. Lectures By: Gary Thomas, D.D. The divine design for marriage and family roles and responsibilities is explored in order that the Christian leader may reflect and model godliness in these important relationships. Attention is given to improving both one’s own faithfulness and equipping one to provide counsel and spiritual nurture in such areas as pre-marital and marital counseling and parenting. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.  

PT570-1 - Pastoral Practices in the Small Church. Lectures By: Glenn Daman, D.Min.This course explores the various issues that will confront the pastor within the context of the small church. There course covers a number of different topics that are related to effectively dealing with the daily functions and problems confront those who pastor in the small church. Special attention is given to the nature of the small church and how the pastor can deal with various problems faced on a daily basis. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.  

PT570-2 - Shepherding the Small Church. Lectures By: Glenn Daman, D.Min. This course provides the background for developing and revitalizing the overall ministry of the small church. The focus is upon how the unique cultural and organizational distinctives of the small church affect each of the key areas of ministry effectiveness. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

PT570-3 – Leading Transitions. Lectures By: Dr. Bert Downs and Lee Wiggins. Whether you’re called to church, parachurch or mission ministry, you’ll face the need to lead transitions. By engaging in a carefully orchestrated combination of resources including lead and resource instructors, live leadership interviews, case studies and real transition projects, students will learn how to negotiate the key elements of transition in order to lead their respective ministries forward into new seasons of productiveness. Participants will also be trained in the proven Titus Ministries Method for church transition, an invaluable tool for those in interim, transition or consulting ministries in the church ministry arena. Those who successfully complete the course can become part of the TMM Transitional Leadership Network. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

PT570-4 – Applying Biblical Ethics to Healthcare Dilemmas in Ministry. Lectures By: Dr. Jerome Wernow. This course equips you with the ethical principles, tools for community networking, and biblical approaches to answer real-life medical-ethical dilemmas that will be encountered in ministry, both personally and professionally. These dilemmas include the decisions about: various forms of birth control, artificial reproductive technology, pre-natal screening, non-viable pregnancies, childhood vaccinations, palliative sedation, cessation of nutrition and hydration, and physician-assisted suicide. Principles and skills are developed as you work through a series of stories by caregivers such as hospital chaplains, medical center ethicists, critical care providers, and patients themselves. Further, the course is contextualized to your community in order to enrich your study and to learn how to develop local resource networks. Ultimately, you will develop a greater clarity about what is means to be “living and dying in Christ” (Romans 14:8). 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

PT570-5 – Premarital Counseling. Lectures By: Norm Thiesen, Ph.D. This course will focus on the rationale, tools, and procedures for premarital education and counseling. The student will be credentialed in the use of Prepare/Enrich materials. 1 credit or 1 learning unit. 


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