WS-Global: "Directed Study Courses"

WS-Global - Directed Study Courses:   We believe it is in your best interest to take our courses in a learning community with other students.  However, if you are unable to take a course in the semester or session as shown on our posted schedule, you may fill out the form below to request consideration to take the course as a "Directed study" (Not available for courses offered only in the “Online LIVE” course design).

“Please use this form only after carefully checking all normally scheduled course options, particularly if you are a first-year student or have any current academic holds.”

Student ID:
Course ID  &  Course Name:
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Reason for the Consideration:

Have you discussed this with your advisor?   If you have not spoken to your advisor about this, your request may be forwarded to your advisor.
Pleaseeview the posted schedules to see when the course is next offered.  Could you take this course in some other way in the future?
Will you be graduating in the next 2 semesters?
Please state with as much detail as possible why you believe you must take this course outside the regular course sequence. 
Thank you for submitting the request. Someone will be contacting you shortly.