Helpful Policy Reminders


Individuals enrolled in a Global Course at Western Seminary are expected to comply with policies and standards as outlined in the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook (under student resources).

In specific instances, the practices of online education require that Global policies be adapted to meet the specialized needs and circumstances of students. To help you get started right in your online learning, what follows is a brief summary of several of the most frequently asked policy areas.

Course Duration

By regulation, distance education courses must be scheduled within the regular semester dates. However, to provide optimal flexibility, our program offers different sessions for some courses each semester (most courses are in session A).  As illustrated below, Session “A” is 14 weeks in length. Sessions “B” and “C” are 7 weeks in length.

Attendance Requirements

If you are registered, your Digital Learning Center ( will open no later than the first day of the semester.  Within the first week, you must submit your course affirmation to affirm your attendance within that week. This is our way of “taking attendance” in the course; failure to submit this affirmation within that first week may result in being dropped from the course.

Just as you are expected to be "present" in the first week of the semester, you must also attend class during the last week of your session. Even if you finish your other course assignments earlier in the session, you still must complete and return your course evaluation in your last week.  At the beginning of that week, you will receive a link by email to the evaluation that will constitute a record of your attendance in the last week.   Refer to your syllabus for requirements of specific synchronous elements.

Course Extensions

While the possibility exists of an extension as long as three weeks beyond the end of the semester, in most cases faculty grant an extension of one to three weeks, depending on the severity of the situation faced by the student. All course assignments not completed by the extended deadline will be given a failing grade. Under no circumstances may this period be extended except by academic petition and approval of the Administrative Committee. Please note that continuing progress in the online course must be demonstrated before a request for an extension will be considered. You can request either an extension from the instructor, or submit an academic petition; you cannot do both.

Financial Aid

Western Seminary students may be eligible for financial aid.  You may contact the Financial Aid office for more information.