Biblical Theology (BT)

BT501 - Hermeneutics.  Lectures By:  Todd Miles, Ph.D. In this course you will study the foundational principles and interpretive procedures of the grammatical-historical method of biblical interpretation. You will also apply these principles and procedures in the study of the Biblical text. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

BT502 - Understanding Biblical Theology.  The purpose of this class to introduce students to the subject and history of biblical theology, to investigate the unity of the Bible; to discover the ongoing flow of the revelatory and redemptive process, structured around God's major covenants, that reaches its climax in Jesus Christ; to learn a gospel-centered and Christocentric hermeneutic; and to explore the necessity and implications of biblical theology for ministry in the local church. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

BT511 - Advanced Hermeneutics.  Lectures By:  Todd Miles, Ph.D. The purpose of this class is to investigate biblical interpretation in light of current theological, philosophical, ecclesiological, historical and social challenges.? The student will be exposed to current scholarship?on a variety of hermeneutical topics and will learn to both defend and demonstrate the authority of the whole of Scripture by interpreting to hear the Word of God. Enrollment limited to students granted advanced standing in BT501. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

BT532 - Theology of Luke and Acts.  Lectures By:  Darrell L. Bock, Ph.D. This class will examine key themes in Luke-Acts. Special attention will be paid to the development of the portrait of Jesus, the program of God, and the call to disciples. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 

BT533 - Pauline Theology.  Lectures By:  Thomas R. Schreiner, Ph.D. You will examine the theological contributions of the Apostle Paul as you learn the methods and principles of biblical theology. You will analyze such topics as Christology, the law, the human as sinner, atonement, justification, reconciliation, new life in Christ, church and eschatology. You will also look at such foundational topics as the relationship of Paul’s theology to the Old Testament and to Jesus. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units. 


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