Intercultural Studies (IS)

IS501 – Communicating Christ in Culture.  Ministry is communication. The content must be known and experienced so the proclamation will have substance and credibility. After learning what we are to communicate, we must learn how to communicate. The course imparts fundamental concepts that will equip the student to communicate across personal and cultural barriers. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

IS505 – History of Mission.  The dynamic factors God has used in the expansion and spread of His church. Successes and failures in mission endeavors, from era to era, by both Eastern and Western churches and events, are analyzed. Strategies used by missionaries throughout the ages are studied as a guide to forming a personal strategy of mission and an understanding of practical aspects and principles of world missions. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

IS526 - Religions of the World. A survey of each major world belief system is presented in order to learn the common themes expressed in different religions. Strategies are examined for establishing an effective witness to the uniqueness of Christ to each of the major religions. Includes field trips to local places of worship. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

IS542 – Applied Anthropology.  Concepts of culture and cultural effects on the communication of God’s Word in different societies. Cultural assumptions and resulting patterns of attitudes and behaviors, as well as the need to use anthropological tools for field study, are identified. 2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

IS570 – Select Topics in Intercultural Studies.  Occasional special courses are chosen to fit the interests and needs of students and faculty. 1-2 credits.