Randy Roberts, DMin

President Emeritus, Professor of Spiritual Life Development
  • Portland Campus
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"If the gospel is God’s primary means of redeeming and renewing lives, and if that task is at the heart of the mission entrusted to us, then our personal experience of that transformation is essential if we are to minister to others with credibility and empathy. Our training programs therefore seek to enhance both our students’ confidence in the gospel’s uniquely transforming power and their competence in applying its themes to all of life."

Degrees Earned

DMin in Christian Spirituality and Renewal

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

ThM and MDiv

Western Seminary

BA in Political Science

University of California Davis 

A Defining Moment

"My personal appreciation for the notion of gospel-centeredness goes back to when that term was first beginning to be used by groups like The Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel. I had studied enough church history to recognize that the evangelical church tended to be most spiritually vital, and therefore most missionally effective, when its core message focused upon a robust presentation of the biblical gospel and when it followed the biblical pattern of also applying that gospel to its progressive sanctification and ministry methodology. Trying to capture those dynamics in a way that could also help others led us to produce our Toward a Classic Strategy for Evangelical Renewal document, which sought to describe what God’s work done God’s way looks like regardless of generational or geographical setting. So the process that so profoundly impacted my personal understanding of the Christian life is now being reflected and replicated in our curricular goals." 

Randy Roberts' Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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