Jan Verbruggen, PhD

photo of Jan Verbruggen
Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature
Coordinator for Israel Study Programs
Director, Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Portland Campus, Bueermann Hall, 312
  • 503.517.1871
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"I guide my students to meditate on the passage not just translate it. It's my goal to pose life questions and bring out hints to the Messiah and the gospel whenever we encounter them. Most of all, as I teach Hebrew, I interact with my students in a gracious way, because I know languages can be challenging."

Degrees Earned

PhD in Hebrew Bible

Johns Hopkins University

MA in Old Testament and Semitic Languages

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

BA in Biblical Literature

Northeastern Bible College 

Current Ministry Involvement

Attends Trinity Church of Portland

A Defining Moment

"I was in my first year of Bible College and far away from home. I wondered what I was doing there, studying again and wondering if this was really necessary to be involved in ministry. As I was praying, a fellow student walked in, looking for somebody else, and saw me praying. We started talking and he asked what I was praying for. I told him that I wondered if my time was spent well studying the Bible. He told me this little metaphor that has helped along the way. He said: When you want to cut down a tree you can start cutting it down with a dull ax, or you can sit down, and take time to sharpen the ax, and then get on with the job of cutting the tree, in a speedy fashion. The analogy is straight forward. If you equip yourself in knowing the Word of God, there is a good chance you will be more effective in your ministry." 

Jan Verbruggen's Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Jan Verbruggen's CV