Cru and Western Seminary Partnership

Cru Seminary Partnership

Cru and Western Seminary are united by a mission of gospel ministry that draws people from every walk of life to follow Jesus with whole hearts. We share our convictions about the inerrancy of scripture and the need for unparalleled discipleship in our communities. That's why Western offers several benefits to Cru staff members who make seminary training a part of their ministry career. All benefits apply to internationally-based staff under the Campus Crusade for Christ umbrella.



Tuition Scholarship


Seminary Credit
for IBS Courses


IBS Credit
for Seminary Courses


Cut costs with the Cru Ministry Partner Scholarship

Get world-class ministry training from a school you trust while keeping costs down. Full time Cru staff and their spouses have exclusive access to a Cru Ministry Partner scholarship that pays between 10% and 20% of tuition costs. See if you qualify and learn how to apply.


Count IBS courses toward a seminary degree

The Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) courses you've already taken as a Cru staff member may be used to give you a head start on your master's degree, diploma or certificate. The eleven required IBS courses may translate to as many as 7 credits toward the M.A. in Counseling or M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy, or 9 credits toward any other graduate level degree or program. Students looking to bring in IBS credits will be asked to complete an faculty interview to assess competency.

Western Seminary degree options include:


Get IBS credit for your seminary courses 

Cru staff can meet all but four Institute of Biblical Studies requirements by taking equivalent courses at Western Seminary. Complete these courses on campus in Portland, San Jose, Sacramento, or Seattle for travel convenience. Or take the course through our Online Campus whenever your schedule allows.


IBS Requirement


Western Seminary Class Title

Class ID

New Testament Survey


Interpreting the New Testament 1: The Gospels

Interpreting Acts to Revelation

BLS 502Y

BLS 503 

Bible Study Methods 9 Learning to Interpret Scripture DBS 506
God/Bible/Holy Spirit 9 Knowing the Triune God: Theology I THS 501

Old Testament Survey


Interpreting Genesis to Song of Solomon

Interpreting the Old Testament III: The Prophets 

BLS 501

BLS 502X

Apologetics 9 Practicing Evangelism and Apologetics PTS 503
Humanity/Christ/Salvation 9 Glorifying the God of Our Salvation THS 502
Christian Worldview 9 No Equivalent N/A
Church History 9 Insight and Inspiration from Church History CHS 506


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As a graduate of Western Seminary I have greatly appreciated the investment of Western's faculty in my life and ministry. I believe in what Western teaches, and in the mission of the seminary. I recommend Western Seminary as a great place to establish your ministry in the eternally relevant Word of God."

Steve Ellisen

NW Director of Cru Personnel Development

M.A. (Intercultural Studies) Graduate

Tualatin, Oregon