New Video Series Explores Preaching in Post-Christian Contexts

March 22, 2024

As America becomes a more secular and pluralistic society, pastors can find themselves preaching in situations that can feel a bit like Babylon.

Join Professor Stephen Stallard for the next 10 weeks as he talks with other Western Seminary faculty about what it means to preach the truth of the Scriptures to our congregations, deconstructors, and secular neighbors in post-Christian contexts.

Upcoming Episodes:

  • Preaching the Old Testament with Josh Mathews
  • Preaching Hermeneutics with Todd Miles
  • Pastoral Preaching with Jeremiah L. Peck
  • Preaching Hard Topics with John Y. Kwak
  • Preaching in a Post-Christian Context with Jordan Scheetz
  • Preaching to Hurting People with Rachel Heffield
  • Preaching the New Testament with Daniel K. Eng
  • Preaching with a Team with Gerry Breshears
  • Preaching the Biblical Languages with Jan Verbruggen
  • Preaching in a Digital Age with Andrew Pack

Episodes will be released weekly on our Youtube channel.

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