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Reduce Your Time in Seminary

Reduce Your Time in Seminary

We encourage future students to explore how they may be able to save time and money by reducing the length of their seminary studies. While the following options are not available to every student, advanced standing and transfer credit allow many students to decrease significantly the number of credits required to complete their degree programs.

Master's Level Program Advanced Standing

Ideal for: Bible college grads or those with strong grasp of Scripture or theology.

Incoming students may waive entire courses from their degree program through Advanced Standing if their prior education covered content in required courses at Western Seminary, and they demonstrate subject competency in a live faculty interview.

Maximum credits that may be waived:

Master of Divinity 20 credits
M.A. (Biblical and Theological Studies) 14 credits
M.A. in Ministry and Leadership 13 credits
M.A. in Global Leadership 12 credits
M.A. in Counseling 8 credits (Bible, Theology Only)
Graduate Studies Diploma 6 credits
  • A student will receive a maximum of 8 units of advanced standing in BL (Biblical Literature) sequence classes (501, 502, 503), a maximum of 8 units of advanced standing in TH (Theological Studies) sequence classes (501, 502, 503). They can also receive up to 4 credits advanced substitutes for the remaining courses in the area.
  • Students can receive a maximum of 6 units advanced standing in NT (Greek) and a maximum of 6 units advanced standing in OT (Hebrew).
  • Students who qualify for advanced substitutes may use them within the center’s courses. For example, a student who qualifies for advanced substitutes for TH503 could do the substitute in BL, BT, NT, OT, TH courses but not in ministry leadership, coaching, Christian formation, etc.

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Transfer Credits

Ideal for: Those who studied at ATS or regionally accredited graduate schools.

Students who are entering a degree program may request consideration to receive transfer credit for courses that are at least 80% equivalent to Western coursework.

  • Transfer credit may not exceed two-thirds of the program’s total credits.
  • Certain residency requirements may still apply.

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