Center of Diaspora & Relational Research

Center of Diaspora & Relational Research

Two Branches

  • Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)
  • Institute of Relational Research (IRR)


To conduct research and produce publication on diaspora missiology and relational paradigm for the practice of Christian mission.


The joint efforts of researchers and practitioners seeking to understand and minister through IDS & IRR by invitation of the director.


  • Director - Enoch Wan, Ph.D.

Western Seminary Press is formed and directed by Enoch Wan solely for the purpose of conducting research and producing publication of CDRR and is managed by Enoch Wan with no financial and legal liability to Western Seminary.

Already In Motion - Publication Plan (as of Summer 2019)

  • IDS #1 - "Chinese Diaspora Kingdom Workers in Action and with Guidance" - Enoch Wan and Jacky Lau (June 2019)
  • IDS#2 - "Engaging Chinese Diaspora in the Ministry of Bible Translation" -  Enoch Wan and Jeremiah Chung (June 2019)
  • IDS #3 - "Diaspora Missions to International Students" - Enoch Wan (June 2019)
  • IDS #4 - "Wu Chang Church: An Action-research Case Study of Multiethnic Ministries in Taiwan" - Enoch Wan and John Kuo (End of summer 2019)
  • IRR #1 - "The Doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement and the Relational Paradigm for Christian Ministry in the 21st Century" - Enoch Wan and Alex Early (End of summer 2019)
  • IRR #2 - "Theology of Spirit-Anointed Witness in Holistic Christian Mission framed in the Relational Paradigm" - Enoch Wan and Matthew Karimpanamannil (End of summer 2019)
  • IRR #3 - "Spirit-empowered Discipleship in Acts: A Relational Approach" -  Enoch Wan and Yan Chai (End of 2019)


 For more information about CDRR, please contact:

Dr. Enoch Wan, Director of CDRR, at 503.517.1804 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.