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Searching above will take you into Primo and limit your results to Electronic Resources. Primo contains around 80 electronic collections with full-text available for download.

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Research Databases

Research databases contain searchable collections of professional and published content like journal articles. Information distributed through such databases has been reviewed by experts and originates from reliable, accurate, and authoritative sources as compared to internet searches. Searches may yield a citation, abstract, or full text.

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Other Resources

Search the San Jose Library

The library at Western Seminary San Jose has numerous online journal articles available for research, about 6,000 library books and various Bible software on our library computers for use by our students. Over 5,000 books are listed on our online library database at the link below. You may also access our online catalog on our computers in the library. Reference books are typically not cataloged online. If you need assistance or a tour of the library please contact Sharon Ho at 408.356.6889, ext 410, or email Sharon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Online Academic Resources

Western provides students with full access from any web connection to five leading religion and psychology databases through EBSCOhost, plus seven other search engines to choose from.


Free Online Theological Journals

Free Online Theological Journals is a rather comprehensive list of around 600 theological journals that are freely available in English on the web. The list is courtesy of Dr. John Jaeger of Dallas Baptist University.


Recommended Websites for Theology and Bible Courses