Financial Aid Forms

  • Alumni Audit Opportunity
    Degree graduates of Western Seminary are invited to audit one course per year at no charge. Degree graduates include those who have completed a full master’s or doctoral degree program.
  • Alumni Scholarship
    The Alumni Scholarship is a 20 percent tuition scholarship is awarded to graduates of a Western Seminary degree program who have been admitted to the Doctor of Ministry or Doctor of Missiology program. This scholarship will be for credit courses which meet degree program requirements.
  • Community Service Confirmation
    Western Seminary is able to provide gift assistance to students only because of the ongoing generosity of donors to the seminary. One way for a financial aid recipient to ensure the seminary’s ability to continue to help students is to assist the school in its recruitment and fundraising efforts. Therefore, receiving financial assistance is contingent upon your agreement to contribute toward the school a modest amount (four hours per semester) of community service.
  • Direct Loan Request
    Direct Loan application used to request that amount of loans you would like to borrow for a given 2 semester period.  Loans will not be awarded without the request form.
  • Direct Loan Request Instructions
    Instructions for the Direct Loan Application process.
  • F1 Student Financial Assistance Application
    International Students' Scholarship application.
  • FA Student Handbook
    Overview of financial aid for Western Seminary.
  • Lim Memorial Scholarship Application
    Lim memorial Scholarship, five $1,000 scholarships will be awarded each year to Doctor of Ministry students who display excellence in Christian ministry. Each scholarship will be disbursed over a two-semester period, at $500 per course and/or product. Recipients must register for two courses/products within an 18-month period.
  • Need Based Grant Application
    Students may qualify for one or more of Western Seminary’s grant programs if they are enrolled at least half-time (4 credits per semester for most programs), complete 15 credits within the awarded academic year,* and have been admitted into the Graduate Studies Certificate, Graduate Studies Diploma, Master of Arts, or Master of Divinity degree program.
  • Partners in Ministry Scholarship
    The Partners in Ministry Certificate program, offered by Western Seminary through the Women's Center for Ministry, is intended to provide training for wives who are or will be partners with their husbands in ministry.
  • Partnership Scholarship Affirmation Form
    Thanks to the strong partnership between Western Seminary and the following ministry organizations, staff workers in each organization may be eligible for a partial scholarship. The following is a list of participating churches and organizations.
  • Presidents Pathway Scholarship Application
    The President’s Pathway Scholarship program recognizes a student’s potential for leadership in ministry and ensures access for students with significant need. President’s Pathway grants may range from 21-100 percent of tuition, based on the application. This is a renewable grant; recipients must reapply each year.
  • Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form
    Students who fail to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress will be denied financial aid by Western Seminary. Students have the right to appeal this decision in writing. Appeals will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee for reconsideration based on extenuating circumstances presented by the student.
  • Special Circumstances Appeal
    Students may appeal their financial aid decisions if changes have occurred in the student’s/family's income.
  • Supporting Church - CBA Church - CB Ministry - Grant
    Application for the Supporting Church Scholarship, a 10 to 20 percent tuition scholarship for standard tuition costs, applicable for courses taken for credit to meet degree program requirements. The scholarship does not cover other fees, books, living expenses, repeated courses, or courses which do not meet degree program requirements.

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