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Outside Aid

Outside Aid

Saving for School

You may be able to save on your taxes if you use a 529 plan to save for qualified educational expenses like tuition, books, and computers. While Oregon currently offers an income tax credit for contributing to a 529 plan, Washington and California do not offer any tax incentive. Many other states offer income tax deductions. The potential tax benefit does vary by state and your own financial situation.

Denominational and Church Assistance

Some denominations have scholarships and loan programs to assist seminary students. Many local churches also have established scholarship funds for students who are members of their congregations.  Even if this doesn't exist at your church, it never hurts to ask if they would consider investing in your education. As you are equipped and transformed through the course of your education at Western, you'll be growing in effectiveness in the ways you serve at your church. Their investment in your devlopment as a leader is really an investment in the life and health of the church.  

Outside Scholarships

Financial Aid Information Resources

Although the majority of aid is for undergraduate students, other scholarship sites include: