Program Graduates

CTC logo-for-coachesCoaches who've earned the ACTC designation are proven coaches able to coach at a professional level.  Each of these coaches completed approximately 200 hours of coach training from Western Seminary, were mentored by a qualified mentor coach and passed an assessment exam that demonstrates they are coaching at a professional level. These are some of our program graduates offering their coaching services. Those in orange are linked to their contact.

Jackie Adams
Lisa Averill
Jacklyn Blackwell
Evan Burns
Phil Carnes
Regina Chappell
Jessica Clark
Judy Cochran
Greg Cottrill
Peter Durkee
Paxton Fitzpatrick
Marissa Gleason
Caran Jantzen
Ginny Jensen
Sandra Jensen
Liz Kauk
Luna Leverett
Wenping (Sophia) Li
Jenelle Maloy
Irene Miranda
Damara Miller
Robert Nielsen
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Olha Ostapiuk
Philippa Perkin
Valerie Plummer
Sean Post
Al Ray
Kris Rocha
Jenna Ross
Rebecca Sassenrath
Kimberly Schroeder
Erin Schwab
Ashlee Sikorski
QueLinda Smith
Regina Stout
Kathryn Strong
Paula Sutherland 
Natalie Thompson
Wendy Toda 
Amy Ward
Feiling Weng
Chad Wintringham
Cecil Wong
Marjorie Young-Krauss