How would I use coaching?

Western Seminary has trained coaches to add value in a wide range of contexts – from volunteer ministries to coaching FORTUNE 500 executives, from coaching married couples to coaching staff members.  Coaching is a flexible and powerful set of skills.

When you receive training from Western Coaching, you will develop a powerful set of skills and an approach to life that can add value to those around you, no matter your context.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed our coaching students leveraging coaching in three broad ways:

1) Enhanced role

At Western Seminary, we’ve trained pastors, student ministers, volunteer coordinators, missionaries, and para-church professionals.  We’ve also trained managers and leaders in practically every field, including technology, apparel, finance, and healthcare industries.

Whether you serve in a ministry or marketplace role, coaching can help you fulfill your role more effectively.  Western Coaching enables you to bring out the best in those around you by equipping you to ask more questions and turning down the volume on trying to tell people what to do.  After all, people don’t do what you tell them to do — they do what they tell themselves to do.  You will be more valuable in your current role when you are able to help people tell themselves what to do.

2) Expand revenue

In today’s changing and challenging economy, many people yearn to earn a living by doing good.  Coaching allows professionals to generate income by bringing out the best in others.  For some, this means transitioning to a role of professional coach.  For others, it means adding coaching to their professional matrix, alongside complimentary roles such as counselor, consultant, trainer, or writer.  Coaching is a growing field and Western students are finding it a rewarding profession.

3) Everyday relationships

Not all of our students seek coach training for professional reasons.  After all, we all have conversations each and everyday.  Oftentimes, we are not sure how to engage others when they are struggling to make a decision, unsure how to move forward, or daring to dream of something new.  With coach training from Western Seminary's Coaching Program, you can informally coach those closest to you, including friends and family.  You can also use coaching skills to add value to your neighbors, colleagues, and practically anyone you encounter.