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Bay Area MA in Ministry Leadership

Bay Area MA in Ministry Leadership

Designed for Bay Area Church Leaders

The Bay Area is one of the most unchurched areas in the United States, and one of the least Bible-minded. Those of us who are engaged in ministry in the Bay Area are confronted with many unique challenges and questions about historical Christian beliefs. The more immersed we are in ministry with people living in the Bay Area, the more we need to have strong biblical and theological knowledge. There has never been a greater need for sound theological training than now. This is why we are excited to launch a new Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership Degree specifically designed for Bay Area church leaders.


On campus Bible and theology classes only one Friday each month

Web-conference with cohort only one hour each month


Learn from faculty and guests who are seasoned scholars 


Grants/Scholarships bring down the cost to roughly half the price of the program. Grant/Scholarship information is available upon application.

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Journey through the program together with a cohort of peers and ministry mentor.

This Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership is an accredited degree program that is designed to equip and train local church leaders for missional ministry in the Bay Area. It is for next-generation leaders, youth and young adult leaders, worship leaders, church planters, and anyone who senses the need to be better educated in order to carry out the ministry to which God has called them.


What Sets This Cohort Apart?

  • An emphasis on building a theological framework that empowers decades of impactful ministry leadership
  • Survey all books of the Bible through the lens of biblical theology
  • Earn credit within your ministry context with a mentor from your church


Biblical Studies16 credits
Ministry formation with your mentor16 credits
Theological Studies and Church History16 credits
Apologetics and World Religions4 credits


Significant Financial Support

Qualified students who do this degree program will receive merit-based grants/scholarships that amount to about 50% of the normal tuition. This will make the total degree cost for the student less than $20K. Western Seminary is so committed to seeing church leaders in the Bay Area supported and trained, that we are designing this full MA degree to be offered with substantial monetary savings, without sacrificing any of the program’s rich theological and biblical content.

Less Time Away from Family and Church

Class meetings are conveniently scheduled once a month. Taking classes one day a month drastically reduces commute and travel time. Classes typically meet on a Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The once-a-month format also makes it manageable for commuter students, who live further out in the Bay Area.

Guidance from Seasoned Scholars and a Ministry Curator

The class of students will stay together as a cohort for the length of the degree. The learning experience will be enhanced as you get to know others serving along with you in the unique region of the Bay Area. Teaching will come from Bible and theology professors in their areas of expertise. You will be able to have discussion with professors as you are equipped for ministry in today’s world. In addition to the teaching professors, you will also have a seasoned ministry curator, Dr. Dan Kimball, who will be the host of this cohort. He will help guide you in applying the insights you gain in the program to the challenges of life and ministry.

Develop your Theology While Doing Ministry

It is not enough to master content and learn the head knowledge. Transformative theological education encompasses the whole person. This program embraces a holistic educational model that will also include a highly personalized approach to your own formation as a student, a follower of Jesus, and a ministry leader. This degree partners with your local church and the role you have serving there, and is designed to help evaluate and develop personal competencies for a healthy, thriving personal life while serving Jesus on mission in the local church.

Launches Fall 2020

To learn more about this program, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the host and curator of the cohort. He will answer any questions and recommend what steps to take next as you begin the application process.