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MA (Biblical and Theological Studies)

MA (Biblical and Theological Studies)

The study of the Bible, spiritual formation, and Church history leads you to a richer experience of God, as well as the ability and desire to communicate His glory to others. The MA (Biblical and Theological Studies) offers you the chance to build a theological understanding rooted in a thorough investigation of the Scriptures, with an eye toward gospel-centered transformation. You'll develop into an informed theologian for work as a ministry leader, teaching pastor, or educator. And if your ministry work has already given you a toolbox full of ministry skills, this program will complement your work with a more robust theological framework to direct the way you serve. This blend of training also serves as an excellent foundation for later doctoral studies.




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What Sets Our Bible and Theology Training Apart?

  • An emphasis on Gospel-centrality and biblical theology, and how they shape your approach to ministry
  • Develop your own theological position directly from the Bible, rather than adopting an institutional doctrinal position
  • Visit either Israel or Greece and Turkey on faculty-led study tours for elective credit



See a list of courses

Foundational Studies: 12 credits
BT501 Hermeneutics 2
BT502 Understanding Biblical Theology 2
CS501 Learning to Love God and Others 2
CS502 Growing in Prayer and Other Key Spiritual Disciplines 2
MF501 Introduction to Theological Study and Ministry Formation 2
ML506 Ministerial Ethics 2
Biblical Studies: 12 credits
BL501 Interpreting Genesis to Song of Solomon 4
BL502 Interpreting the Prophets and Gospel 4
BL503 Interpreting Acts to Revelation 4
Theological Studies: 12 credits
Knowing the Living God: Theology I 4
TH502 Glorifying the Word of Life: Theology II 4
TH503 Living as the Community of the Spirit: Theology III 4
Church History: 2 credits
CH502 Learning from Church History 2
Program Electives: 12 credits

With advisor's consent, select courses from BL, BT, CH, NT, OT or TH prefixes. Students are encouraged to consider using part of these electives for study in the biblical languages. Students may request permission from the program director to write a thesis as part of their electives.

Open Electives: 6 credits

Specialize Your Ministry Studies

Increase the relevance of your training by tailoring it to your ministry context. Work with your academic advisor to develop a concentration in a given area of specialization. Specialized areas of study include (but are not limited to):

Accessible Scheduling

Whether you hope to enroll at a part-time or full-time pace, on-campus or online, we provide many pathways to accomplish your ministry training goals while you continue to focus on the people, priorities, and places which God has already put in front of you.

Accessible Scheduling Options

Theological Education That Keeps Debt Down

Ministry work can bring limited financial reward. That's why we encourage wise financial stewardship as you pay for school. It might surprise you to learn that a minority of our students utilize loans, with most choosing instead to pay out of pocket, with scholarships, or via a monthly payment plan. Look into your options for financial aid.

MA (Biblical and Theological Studies) Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A completed application for admission and all admissions materials

If you do not meet one of these requirements, contact an Admissions Counselor to explore alternative MA (Biblical and Theological Studies) admission options.