Counseling Course Delivery Method

The Western Seminary Counseling program is a brick and mortar program offering a limited number of courses online to enhance the in person curriculum. From 2019-2021, five courses (15 credits of the 68 credit hour curriculum) have been offered in the Standard Online format.

Since returning to in person classes in August 2021, we have adapted the online offerings to maximize educational quality and student-professor interaction. Online counseling courses are now offered either via the “Online Live” format (see Western Global course offerings) or with fully synchronous live instruction and discussion and are included in our Monday class schedule. We seek to honor the desire and investment of students for an in person program on campus, while extending our resources of faculty and increasing access for students.

Courses are currently offered in only one method- either in person or online. We plan to offer more dual method options in the near future, so those who wish to be in person may do so for every course and to increase access for those who are not able to come to campus regularly.

Western seminary has a long history of utilizing technology to make education accessible in time and location. The Western- Global team offers online graduate degrees and programs and provides support for brick and mortar programs by managing the Digital Learning Center (Moodle).