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Western Seminary Counseling Distinctives

Program Distinctives

Program Distinctives

Distinct in Four Ways

 How is Western Seminary's Counseling Program different from others? Below are four distinct ways Western's program shines!

  • First, is the commitment to teaching that is based in a distinctively Christian worldview. Students intensively examine their own worldviews, alternative worldviews, and consider how these foundational issues interact in the counseling experience. We are committed to the integration of theology, psychology, and spirituality. After considering what other professionals in the field have written and said, students are challenged to develop their own personal model of integration. Developing their own model gives each learner the chance to personalize the issues so that they begin on the road to being an integrated person, not simply one who does integrative counseling.
  • Second, is accessibility. Classes are scheduled on Mondays, leaving you great flexibility for other commitments such as family, work and church. A number of counseling elective courses and a few core counseling courses are available to complete online.
  • Third, is the commitment to the internship experience. Students in Western's program are required to complete practicum and three semesters of internship. This large investment of time in the internship experience demonstrates Western's focus on practical skills and relevance in learning.
  • Fourth, faculty are committed to mentoring with their whole lives, not just in the classroom. A student-faculty ratio of 10-1 keeps faculty available for consistent contact with students.