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MA in Global Leadership

MA in Global Leadership

God's saving mission is thoroughly global. That's why His Church must bear witness to His redeeming grace on a worldwide stage. The Master of Arts in Global Leadership (MAGL) equips those who will serve in communities beyond the traditional North American context. The training provides a rich foundation of biblical and theological studies and then progresses to cross-cultural communication, intercultural leadership, ministry skills, and spiritual formation. It also offers students a chance to tailor their studies to their context, by completing their choice of specialization track in the area that serves their ministry needs. Creative class scheduling and forward-thinking online design mean that even students living abroad can complete their training with little interruption.

The result? Our graduates' effectiveness transcends borders, where they lead and serve effectively as missionaries, pastors, church planters, business leaders, educators, relief and mercy advocates,  and community service workers.




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Graduate in as few as two years








What Sets Our Global Leadership Training Apart?

  • An emphasis on gospel centrality for spiritual formation, theological understanding, and cross-cultural ministry
  • Potential partnerships with industry-leading organizations allow you to pick the best electives for your ministry context
  • Unique specialization that fits to your current or next ministry context
  • Build a solid biblical and theological foundation for your personal growth and by which to contextualize the gospel
  • Four semesters of praxis and engaged feedback via field leadership mentoring

MA in Global Leadership Curriculum



Specialize Your Ministry Studies

The MA in Global Leadership offers a unique specialization feature that allows the student, in dialogue with the faculty mentor and academic advisor, to create a set of courses to meet current or expected ministry directions. These courses can be from Western Seminary or transferred in from partner institutions in fields outside the forte of the Seminary. Examples of specializations include:

  • Business as mission
  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Developing cross-cultural leaders/teams
  • Intercultural studies
  • Cross-cultural education
  • Preparation for Western Seminary doctoral programs
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Spanish

Accessible Scheduling

The MA in Global Leadership may be completed in as little as two years’ time through online courses, as well as intensive courses at our Portland campus. Students who live near the Portland, San Jose, or Sacramento campuses  may elect to complete a greater number of courses on campus if they choose, taking daytime, evening, or intensive courses.

A Connected Community + Mentoring

Your learning experience will be filled with people you'll never forget during your on-campus courses and especially during the MA in Global Leadership (MAGL) summer core courses taught in consecutive summers.

First Summer: You'll build a new support network by attending MAGL orientation for new students followed by your first week of Global Leadership core courses taken with fellow MAGL students (both online and campus based).

Second Summer: Your training culminates in your second summer, when you will complete the second week of Global Leadership core courses.

Mentoring: The MAGL program is unique in that you have both a faculty mentor and an academic advisor assigned to you. Your academic advisor will serve as your primary contact for developing your course plan, scheduling, and helping find the specific specialization courses. Your faculty mentor will be your primary Field Leadership Mentorship course instructor as well as helping to form your specialization and give career insight. Additionally, during two of the Field Leadership Mentorship courses (GL 532-533), you will have your field mentor who serves as your primary ministry connection. This could be your current ministry mentor or one in a ministry into which you are moving. The mentorship courses will also put you in groups of 3-5 other students along with your faculty mentor, which offers further learning and growth opportunities among your peers.

Theological Education That Keeps Debt Down

Ministry work can bring limited financial reward. That's why we encourage wise financial stewardship as you pay for school. It might surprise you to learn that a minority of our students utilize loans, with most choosing instead to pay out of pocket, with scholarships, or via a monthly payment plan. Look into your options for financial aid.

Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A completed application for admission and all admissions materials

If you do not have a bachelor's degree or do not meet one of the requirements above, we invite you to contact an Admissions Counselor to explore alternative MA in Global Leadership admission requirements.