The Master of Applied Biblical Leadership Degree Program

Program Overview

The purpose of the Master of Applied Biblical Leadership program is to prepare experienced ministry leaders to enrich their biblical, theological, and pastoral skills for the church and other ministries. It is designed for those who have been doing full-time ministry for half a decade or longer but have not had graduate Bible education and want to fill out gaps in their training and get a deeper foundation for their present and future ministry.

The MABL course of study is a three-year cohort program done through a combination of online resources and synchronous instruction. It is designed to assist the local church in the training and nurturing of godly leaders and pastoral theologians, guided by four overarching educational values, which the Seminary believes are essential to that objective.

Program Values, Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

The Master of Applied Biblical Leadership program values include:

  • Outcome-based instruction
  • Spiritual and character formation
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Church relatedness

Program goals include

  • To equip students to demonstrate knowledge of the biblical and theological foundations of the faith
  • To foster student’s spiritual life and moral integrity
  • To enrich student’s pastoral theology
  • To expand student’s competencies for ministry leadership

Program learning outcomes:

  • Students demonstrate ongoing, gospel-centered personal and spiritual formation.
  • Students apply biblical truth to life and ministry through appropriately utilizing biblical interpretation and theological reflection.
  • Students effectively judge between competing ideas and apply theological truth in ministry settings.
  • Students display effective ministry competence and leadership in a global ministry setting.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the MABL Program must possess a four-year baccalaureate degree or its educational equivalent from a college or university accredited by a United States association holding membership in one of the seven regional accrediting associations, membership in the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada, membership in the Association for Biblical Higher Education, or from an institution that maintains similar academic requirements and standards. Additionally, applicants must present a GPA of 3.0 or higher, including a breadth of liberal arts. Applicants who do not meet these general academic requirements may petition the seminary for consideration. A recommendation from the applicant’s pastor and three personal recommendations regarding the applicant’s Christian character and leadership abilities also are required.

In addition to these requirements, applicants to the MABL program must possess a strong foundational knowledge of Bible and at least a half a decade of full-time ministry experience and current full-time ministry involvement to enable them to participate in peer-to-peer learning done during class with other experienced pastors and highly experienced faculty facilitators. The deep relationships developed in the cohort enable friendship and trust which enhance mutual growth in knowledge, character, and skills for ministry. Discussions and assignments are done for immediate application in the student’s ministry context, enriching both the classroom and church life.

Applicants for the MABL are required to meet the following additional admissions criteria to be admitted to a Leadership Cohort:

  • Document their past and current full-time ministry involvement.
  • Provide contact information of a ministry leader for a personal interview to review their character and competence.
  • Complete a personal interview with a core faculty member of the seminary's choosing who will assess their competency in the various topics and their leadership skills.
  • Make a three-year commitment to the 9 courses to be used to complete the MABL program.

Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

Because of the unique cohort model of the MABL, students must complete all 36 hours of the three-year program in Leadership Cohort gatherings. No transfer or advanced standing is allowed for the MABL.

Degree Requirements

The MABL program requires the completion of three sequences done in a Leadership Cohort: 12 credits of applied biblical studies, 12 credits of applied theological studies, and 12 credits of applied ministerial studies. There are no electives in this degree program though students are welcome to choose to add other courses to meet their own ministerial competence.

The Master of Applied Biblical Leadership degree is conferred upon the attainment of certain personal and academic requirements. Degree candidates must (1) give evidence of a genuine Christian character, orthodox belief, and conduct consistent with a God-given call to a position of leadership; (2) complete all courses in the prescribed curriculum with a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

This degree is designed to be completed in three years through a Leadership Cohort involvement. Students who have to drop out of their cohort due to unanticipated personal circumstances may petition to re-enter the program with a subsequent cohort. The program has a five-year statute of limitations for degree completion. Permission to extend the five-year statute of limitations must be granted through the submission of an academic petition. Reinstatement to the program after withdrawal requires Admissions Committee action and may subject the student to additional requirements for the degree. All credits applied toward the degree requirements should be earned within ten years of the awarding of the degree.

Master of Applied Biblical Leadership Curriculum Plan

Applied Biblical Studies: 12 credits
BL591 Applied Integrative Biblical Literature: Genesis to Song of Solomon 4
BL592 Applied Integrative Biblical Literature: Prophets and Gospels 4
BL593 Applied Integrative Biblical Literature: Acts through Revelation 4
Applied Theological Studies: 12 credits
TH591 Applied Integrative Theology I: Knowing the Living God 4
TH592 Applied Integrative Theology II: Glorifying the Word of Life 4
TH593 Applied Integrative Theology III: Living as the Community of the Spirit 4
Applied Ministerial Studies: 12 credits
ML591 Growing in Character and Spiritual Disciplines 4
ML592 Theology and Practice of Team Leadership 4
ML593 Theology and Practice of Pastoring People and Ministries 4