Measles Immunization Documentation

Oregon Students

The State of Oregon (OAR 333-050-0130) requires that all first-time students of the Portland campus who are taking courses provide documentation of two doses of the measles vaccine. Students needing to meet this requirement will have an S.I.S. registration hold on their account as a reminder to turn in needed MMR Immunization Record. If you fail to provide the Seminary with this documentation, we are legally obligated to prevent you from attending classes after your first semester. Direct MMR questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

International Students

If you are attending Western Seminary on a non-immigrant visa (F1 international students, or R1, R2, HB1, H4 visa classes) students must provide documentation of measles vaccination prior to the student attending classes. If the student’s first dose of measles vaccine was received less than 30 days prior to attendance, the student has until the beginning of the second term to provide second dose documentation.

Clinical Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy Students

Following state laws, these programs in Oregon or California may have extra immunizations post-admission for program or practicum eligibility. Counseling students will need to provide proof of other required and suggested immunizations. These immunizations are an important way to protect your health in the community and public mental health settings. More information can be found in the Counseling Student Handbook.