Statute of Limitations

All coursework for a degree offered by Western Seminary must be completed within the established time limit as measured from the date of entry to the degree program.

  • Doctor of Intercultural Studies / Doctor of Ministry / Doctor of Education: seven years
  • Master of Divinity: six years
  • Master of Arts: five years
  • Master of Theology: four years

However, we realize that students may have life and ministry circumstances that clearly require a longer course of study. The first step to approval for additional time is to map out with the student's faculty advisor a plan to complete program requirements in the shortest reasonable timeframe. Permission to extend the statute of limitations must be granted through the submission of an academic petition, which must include details of the proposed program plan.

Even in the case of an approved extension to the statute of limitations, all coursework applied toward degree requirements should normally be earned within ten years of the awarding of the degree. This ten-year time limit includes any coursework accepted by transfer or waived by advanced standing and begins with the start of the earliest coursework applied to the degree. Should any coursework, transfer credit or advanced standing fall outside of the ten-year limit, the student may request to be assessed by exam for currency. Students desiring to have currency evaluated should email Andrew Pack (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). All coursework that exceeds the 10-year statute of limitations requires evaluation to count towards degree completion. Students who demonstrate currency will not need to repeat the course. If a currency is not demonstrated, the student will be required to repeat the course for degree completion.