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Categories of Students

There are four types of students at Western Seminary:

1. Degree-seeking students

Enrolled in a Master of Arts, Master of Divinity, Master of Theology (Th.M.) or Doctor of Ministry program.

2. Certificate students

Students working toward completion of any of the certificates (10-24 hours).

3. Non-degree students

Students taking classes for personal enrichment, continuing education, or visiting students who are pursuing a degree from another graduate school. A maximum of fifteen semester hours may be taken as a non-degree student.

4. Returning students

Subsequent to graduation, official withdrawal, or after one year’s absence from seminary enrollment, students who wish to attend classes or complete a second degree must reapply. Reapplication procedures include:

1. Submit the application form.

2. Provide a nonrefundable $50 Application Processing Fee.

3. Submit a 250-500 word statement explaining:

a. Reason for leave of absence or withdrawal;

b. How circumstances have changed;

c. Current plan; and

d. Intended time frame for degree completion.

4. Secure two new references, preferably persons who are well acquainted with work the applicant has been doing since attending Western Seminary.

5. Submit official transcripts of any work done simultaneous with enrollment or after leaving Western Seminary. Students who are readmitted are admitted to the catalog that is operative at the time of re-enrollment. Due to changes in degree plans and to time limitations on the completions of degrees, some academic work previously completed at Western Seminary may not apply to the degree program to which the student is being readmitted.

Readmitted students should contact the Registrar for a review of their former academic work.