Seminary Core Themes

In order to ensure regular, systematic, and evidence-based assessment of its achievements, Western Seminary has identified three core themes that embody our values and define mission fulfillment.

Gospel-Centered Conviction

The Seminary’s first core theme reflects our commitment to ensuring that students are grounded in evangelical convictions in Bible and theology, understanding both the historical text and the contemporary expressions of faith arising from communities of faith throughout history. Student learning objectives are further defined by Biblical Understanding, Theological Discernment, and Research and Publication.

Gospel-Centered Character

The Seminary’s second core theme expresses the intention to nurture and shape the lives of our students with the goals, gifts, and graces that are consistent with the Christian ministry roles for which they are preparing. Students should be characterized by genuine compassion for others, a willingness to submit to the authority of Scripture, a spiritually-focused vision ambitious for the glory of Christ, a teachable spirit, and a conviction of a divine commission for Christian ministry. Student learning is directed towards Personal Integrity and Spiritual Growth.

Gospel-Centered Competency

The Seminary’s third core theme expresses our conviction that a growing understanding of God and His gospel, and a heart that is captured by God’s love and grace, will lead one to engage in fruitful avenues of service to others. Student learning is defined by objectives in Cultural Engagement, Missional Mindset, Expositional Excellence, and Ministry Effectiveness.