Our Purpose, Mission, and Vision

The overarching purpose of Western Seminary is shaped by its Christian commitment.

Western Seminary exists to promote gospel-centered transformation by enhancing the reputation of the Triune God, making known and living out the good news of the crucified, risen, and reigning Christ. We seek to fulfill this high and holy calling through the guidance of God’s inerrant word and by the empowerment of His Holy Spirit.

Flowing from this purpose is a more specific statement of mission:

Western Seminary serves as a catalyst and resource for spiritual transformation by working with and for the church to prepare men and women for strategic ministry roles.

To be most effective, Christian organizations must discern the distinctive contribution that God would have them make to His kingdom program. To try to do everything is both foolish and arrogant. Western Seminary, therefore, focuses its ministry on providing advanced training to individuals who aspire to, or who currently serve in, strategic ministry roles so they can become agents of spiritual transformation in the lives of others. Recognizing the critical role that leaders play with respect to how effectively the church fulfills its God-given mission, Western Seminary gives special emphasis to educating pastors and related ministry leaders (whether vocational, bi-vocational or avocational).

While this ministry seeks to serve the church, it is also done in active partnership with the church because local congregations occupy a unique place of priority in the outworking of God’s redemptive plan. Furthermore, synergy results when the distinctive resources of the seminary and church unite in this equipping task.

Western Seminary also partners with selected parachurch ministries (particularly those organizations that value the local church and honor it in their ministry philosophy and practice) in the equipping of their staff.

A key part of the school’s vision is to provide education that is thoroughly biblical in its conviction, faithfully conservative in its theology, passionately spiritual at its core, intensely missional in its focus, creatively flexible in its delivery, and warmly relational in its dynamic. In so doing, Western Seminary seeks to be both a proactive influence and an ongoing source of support for the body of Christ as it matures spiritually and increases in fruitfulness. To that end, special emphasis is given to spiritual renewal for both individuals and groups.