Academic Policies

Each student is responsible for knowing and understanding current academic policies and procedures. Ignorance of a policy that appears in published student documents, particularly the catalog or program handbooks, is not a valid reason for granting an exception to any policy.

This Academic Catalog contains academic policies pertaining to admission requirements, program curriculum and graduation requirements (e.g., transfer credit, residency) that may differ by academic year. All other academic policies are contained in the Student Handbook and pertain to all students at the seminary, regardless of the date of program admission. Current and detailed information concerning policies specific to MA in Counseling, ThM, DMin, DInSt, and EdD degree programs is available from the respective handbooks. In addition, specific academic requirements are contained on each academic program page in this catalog.

Occasionally, changes are made in the general regulations and academic policies. A curriculum or graduation requirement, when altered, is not automatically made retroactive to currently admitted students unless the change is to the student’s advantage and can be accommodated within the span of years normally required for graduation.