Application Process

The Application Process

A completed application for admission includes the following:

1. A completed online application consisting of a number of short answer questions, including questions regarding an applicant’s spiritual life, previous ministry experience, vocational objectives, a self-evaluation of strengths and weaknesses for study and future service, a description of previous major life events and family relationships, and an overview of his or her story of personal faith and growth.

2. Official transcripts from any institution where more than seven (7) credit hours were earned. Master’s or doctoral level transcripts may be unofficial. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the school in sealed envelopes to Western Seminary or issued electronically directly by the institution or an approved issuing body.

3. Four completed reference forms. One of these references must be pastoral, and the other three can be personal. These reference forms are built into Western Seminary's application process and will automatically be sent to the referee upon submission of the application.

4. The non-refundable application fee.

Additional materials are required for applicants to the Masters in Theology and the doctoral programs.

For Applicants to the MA Counseling Program

The application for admission to the MA Counseling program includes an interview with faculty from the counseling program. During the interview, faculty will assess the prospective students' listening skills, empathy, ability to challenge others effectively, adaptability to working with people from diverse backgrounds, and other relevant skills.

The applicant’s admissions counselor will arrange the date and time for each applicant’s interview, which are typically approximately one hour in length. The interviewing faculty will make a recommendation to the Director of Admissions, completing the application for admission to the MA Counseling program. The completed application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee before a final admissions decision is made.