Returning Students

Students who have not been enrolled in coursework at Western Seminary for more than one year must apply for readmission. The application for readmission includes the following:

  • 1. A completed online reapplication form, consisting of a short answer section regarding the reason for the student’s leave of absence, withdrawal, or deactivation and a self-assessment of readiness to continue the pursuit of a graduate degree.*
  • 2. Two updated references on Western Seminary’s reference forms, one of which shall be a pastoral reference.
  • 3. Official transcripts of all academic work completed since last enrolled at Western Seminary, if any.
  • 4. The non-refundable reapplication fee.

Students who are readmitted are admitted to the catalog that is operative at the time of re-enrollment.

Due to changes in degree plans and to time limitations on the completions of degrees, some academic work previously completed at Western Seminary may not apply to the degree program to which the student is being readmitted. Students seeking readmission should contact the Registrar regarding credit currency.


*a separate application for returning students is being prepared; this catalog will be updated once it has been finalized