Admissions Decisions

During the application process, the Admissions Committee may request that additional information be submitted and included as part of the application file reviewed to determine compatibility with the Western Seminary when rendering its decision regarding admission. The Committee shall have the sole discretion to determine whether an applicant meets the standards and criteria for admission based on the applicant’s GPA, references, essay, overall fitness for ministry, and other submitted documents within the applicant’s file.

Types of Admission

Full Admission: Applicants who have been admitted into a degree or certificate program with no conditions.

Academic Probation: Applicants admitted pursuant to the Undergrade Degree Exemption policy will be admitted on academic probation. Additionally, the Admissions Committee may elect, in some circumstances and in its own discretion, to admit applicants who do not meet the program’s minimum grade point average, or whose application materials otherwise suggest that the applicant may not be prepared to successfully perform at the academic level required for graduate level work. If admitted on academic probation, the terms of the period will be defined in the letter of admission.

Provisional Acceptance: Applicants whose admission is subject to certain stipulations as defined in the letter of admission, including, but not limited to, the receipt of final official transcripts or other supplemental documentation required for admission.

Conditional Acceptance: Applicants whose admission is conditioned on certain specified conditions that must be met and/or maintained as a condition of admission.