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San Jose Campus Faculty

San Jose Campus Faculty


Steve Korch

Steve Korch, DMin
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Judith Richards

Judith Richards, PhD
Professor of Counseling

Gary Tuck

Gary Tuck, PhD
Professor of Biblical Studies

Adjunct Faculty

Name Responsibility
Ron Allen, ThD Divinity 
Phyllis Bennett, DMin Pastoral Care to Women
Gerry Breshears, PhD Professor of Systematic Theology
Jerry Essary, DMin Coaching
Andy Flowers, DMin Pastoral Ministry
Kimberly Grassi, PhD Divinity
Jeff Garner, DMin Divinity
Bill Graybill, DMin Coaching
Chad Hall, ThM, MCC Coaching
Lia Huynh, MA Counseling
Christy Hyun, MA Counseling
Cindy Kizanis, DIS Counseling
Cindy Klaniecki, MA Counseling
Felicia Larson, MDiv Women's Leadership
Matthew Lea, PhD Counseling
Douglas Locke, MA Counseling
Ken Logan, PsyD Professor of Counseling
Thomas Lucking, PhD Counseling
Jeff Mammen, MDiv Divinity
Linda Miller, MA Coaching
Ginny Mosby, MA Counseling
Harry Motro, PsyD Counseling
Adam Nigh, PhD Divinity
Brian Person, MA, MDiv Counseling
Galen Peterson, DMiss Divinity
Laurie Schlaepfer, MA World Religions
Honili Sema, MA Counseling
Janie Sheedy, MA Counseling
Lisa Shrewsbury, MA Counseling
Steve Stiles, DMin Divinity
Norm Thiesen, PhD Professor of Counseling
Paul Thome, ACC Coaching
David Wenzel, PhD Counseling
Bev Wiens, PhD Professor of Counseling