Annie Woo Ph.D.

Research Analyst, Office of Student Learning and Partnerships
Oregon Department of Education

Dr. Annie Woo is a research analyst with the Office of Student Learning and Partnerships in Oregon of Department Education. She is responsible for facilitating special education application procedures, generating Special Education Census data reports, and managing the Special Education multi-year database. She is also involved in the research and evaluation of special education issues for the department.

Before working at Oregon Department of Education, Dr. Woo is a Senior Program Advisor with the Center for Research, Evaluation and Assessment in Education Northwest. Dr. Woo brings over 15 years experience in program evaluation and educational research. She has a strong background in research and evaluation, and is highly skilled in statistical analysis. Her projects include the evaluation of Small Learning Communities in six states, American Foundation for Chess, Tribal Early Learning Opportunities Project, and Idaho Substance Use and School Climate Survey.

Dr. Woo has been involved in a wide variety of educational, governmental, and community-based evaluation projects. Dr. Woo has served as the lead project evaluator on a number of Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) and Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) grants. She has led evaluation planning in National Resource Center for Safe-Schools, Region X Comprehensive Center, and National Mentoring Center. Dr. Woo has participated in the implementation of the Northwest Eisenhower Regional Consortium for Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning (NWERC). She earned her Master's degree in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University and her doctorate, in Educational Measurement and Statistics, from the same institute.