Gary Thomas, D.D.

Adjunct Professor


  • B.A., Western Washington University
  • M.A., Regent College (Systematic Theology)
  • D.D., Western Seminary

Further Ministry Experience

  • Author, teacher and popular conference and seminary speaker

Recent Published Works

  •     Authentic Faith (Winner of the 2003 Gold Medallion Award)
  •     Devotions for a Sacred Marriage (Gold Medallion Award finalist)
  •     Devotions for Sacred Parenting
  •     Every Body Matters
  •     Holy Available (formerly Beautiful Fight)
  •     Pure Pleasure
  •     Sacred Influence
  •     Sacred Marriage (Over 500,000 copies sold)
  •     Sacred Parenting
  •     Sacred Pathways (World Magazine’s Top 10 book of 1996)
  •     Sacred Search
  •     The Couple’s Conversation Guide
  •     The Glorious Pursuit
  •     Thirsting for God (formerly Seeking the Face of God)

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